Learn about KenBrowser

KenBrowser is a multi-account browser that offers fixed IP and privacy protection. You can easily manage multiple accounts and avoid bans and detection.

KenBrowser is committed to utilizing technology and innovation to provide users with multi account asset protection .
Technically speaking, it combines browser sandbox technology with fixed routing networks to create an independent, secure, fast, and stable software system solution.
Adhere to making good products that are “safe, stable, and convenient”, allowing global users to enjoy the vitality brought by technology. Based on innovative container, network security, and browser technology, achieving browser anti detection and efficient team collaboration.

Main functions of KenBrowser

1. Multi-account security operation

Exclusive fixed environment + fixed IP, isolated from the local computer environment. Allows you to safely manage accounts on any computer and any network. Choose KenBrowser, and it is safe to work in different places.

2. Browser protection

Different environments provide different fixed fingerprints and cookie encryption protection.

3. Risk control system

Real-time detection of the environment, verification of high-risk operations, log records, and traceability of problems.

4. Support more IP self-configuration

Self-contained fixed IP,Unlimited configuration environmen.Self-built high-quality global nodes. More than 20 countries and regions are free to choose. Unlimited configurations, buy according to your needs.

5. Multi-person teamwork

Kenbrowser can create multiple sub -accounts, freely distributed permissions so that multiple people can manage one account, multiple people can manage multiple accounts, and many people can operate the account at the same time to improve work efficiency.

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