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Self-contained fixed IP, no need to configure, one-click to create account environment
The Easiest Anti-Spy Browser
Multi-platform account
Safer accounts and more efficient operations

One computer can easily manage multiple platforms and multiple accounts. Multiple devices can share the account environment, and it is safe to work in different places.

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Self-contained fixed IP
Unlimited configuration environmen

Self-built high-quality global nodes. More than 20 countries and regions are free to choose. Unlimited configurations, buy according to your needs.

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Collaborative office with multiple people in different places

Free and convenient team system, supports multiple people to be online at the same time.
Collaborative management of remote accounts, computer mobile multi-terminal operation.
Account authorization, equipment audit, easy management of team members.

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Account Security Protection
Account asset security management does not leak

The platform account password is automatically filled, reducing the difficulty of management and avoiding human errors.
24-hour security real-time detection account environment.
Authority control, risk warning, log traceability, all-round protection of account security.

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Scope of use

This is an ID code that consists of all possible information about your system, location, installed plug-ins, and many other information related to your device. Here are some of the information that makes up your digital fingerprint: You can always be recognized by them even after changing IP, using a secure browser, and clearing cookies. They always hinder anonymous Internet surfing. Therefore, it is necessary to block this information.

Independent environment

Browser protection

SSL encryption

Unlimited platform

Environmental isolation

Account filling

Multilevel authorization

Risk control system

KenBrowser securely manages your account assets
Support 100+ platforms
Create value and win trust
365*24h Treat every user with heart, word of mouth is our most powerful quality assurance
Account under security protection
Exclusive IP pool
Big sale cooperation
Average access speed


Operations Supervisor


Account management needs to pay attention to many aspects. In this process, KenBrowser’s multi-account anti-association function helps us avoid the risk of account being banned, and the account hierarchical management function facilitates the hierarchical management of accounts. In addition, using KenBrowser can improve network speed and security, and optimize account operation efficiency.


Cross-border e-commerce boss


This is a very good software. I am a cross-border e-commerce practitioner. I have used many browsers to manage my store and products, but finally I chose KenBrowser. KenBrowser’s multiple encryption algorithms ensure the safety of my store and product information. The multi-account login and account management functions allow me to easily operate on cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.


Product Manager

Miss Si

I really like using KenBrowser to work on web3. Its fingerprint browser is very powerful and allows me to switch between different accounts, protecting my online privacy and security. At the same time, KenBrowser also supports access to the web3 platform, allowing me to easily trade and manage my digital assets on the Ethereum network.


Operations Specialist


Having worked at Facebook for many years, KenBrowser has been an essential tool in my work. It provides a multi-account login function, which allows me to log in to multiple different Facebook accounts at the same time without worrying about getting banned. Its anti-spy features allow me to browse and interact freely on Facebook without fear of my account being locked or banned. Overall, KenBrowser has made my work on Facebook much smoother and less hassle-free.

3 Steps To Use The KenBrowser


Buy VD

Purchase the corresponding VD according to your needs


Add account

Add your account and bind VD


Use KenBrowser

Start kenbrowser to safely and quickly manage your account anytime, anywhere

Anti-Detect Browser with Fixed IP

You can easily manage multiple accounts and avoid bans and detection.

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