What is VD? How to choose

What is VD?

1 VD = 1 independent fixed computer environment + browser + fixed IP.

Isolation of the local real computer environment, isolate each other between VD.

Many different real computer log in to the same VD, the environment of VD is fixed.

Multi -person manages the account through the VD of different devices through the VD of cross -border guards, which can realize the needs of multi -person management 1 account or multi -person management multi -account.


How to buy VD

For the first purchase, the system will recommend according to the platform

Log in to the KenBrowser client, enter [ACT] – [VD ], and click the [Buy VD] button


How to choose VD

1. Select an IP region. Before purchasing, please check whether the IP region supports the platform you want to operate. (The IP is generally selected according to the country of the previous account login and the country of the account registration data.) 

2. Select the computer configuration, select the country, operating system, browser, browser resolution, language, time zone as needed

3. Select the purchase time, quantity, number of whale beans used, whether to enable automatic renewal, payment method, check the fee, read and abide by the relevant terms, and click the [Submit Order] button to make the payment.


Precautions for purchasing VD

1. VD isolates your local real computer environment; multiple VDs are isolated from each other; multiple different real computers log in to the same VD, and the VD environment is fixed Multiple people manage accounts through KenBrowser’s VD on different devices, which can meet the needs of multiple people managing one account or multiple people managing multiple accounts

2. VD cannot be returned or exchanged after purchase

3. After the payment is successful, the system will automatically screen the IP configuration environment and open it within 24 hours. When the order volume is too large, the opening time will be postponed

4. For newly registered accounts, it is recommended to stabilize the registration environment for 1 month before moving in

5. The network is regulated by the state, please use it legally and compliantly