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What does TikTok account nurturing entail? How does Kenbrowser aid sellers in achieving account nurturing?

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October - 13 - 2023

I believe that many novice sellers in the process of TikTok operations often encounter issues such as low video views after uploading and slow growth of their account’s followers. These problems arise during the account nurturing process on TikTok. So, what exactly is TikTok account nurturing? Essentially, it involves assisting an account in entering the relevant domain and ensuring the system accurately labels the account. But what does TikTok account nurturing truly encompass, and how does Kenbrowser facilitate this for sellers?

Ⅰ. Commencement of TikTok Account Nurturing

Sellers should initiate account nurturing immediately after registering on TikTok because a newly registered account is like a blank canvas. Commencing account nurturing before posting videos directly affects the account’s initial growth rate and the precision of the audience exposure.

Ⅱ. The Essence of TikTok Account Nurturing

Account nurturing is a crucial aspect of operating an account on social media platforms for sellers. The key to account nurturing lies in simulating human interactions to avoid being categorized as a marketing account by the system. Through a series of nurturing activities, it is not only possible to enhance the account’s initial weight but also ensure a continuous increase in exposure. A higher account weight leads to greater exposure. Thus, TikTok account nurturing is of paramount importance for the initial operation of an account.

III. The Focus of TikTok Account Nurturing

TikTok account nurturing primarily revolves around the depth of nurturing in the account’s domain and the precision of the audience for video promotion. This approach not only garners more video exposure opportunities but also attracts more likes and followers. TikTok has a personalized content recommendation feature known as ‘For You,’ which is explained below:

  1. What Is ‘For You’

According to TikTok’s official statement, the content presented by ‘For You’ is tailored to individual interests since everyone’s preferences are unique. Therefore, when the platform delivers content to different users and devices, it may provide videos that align with users’ interests. Throughout a user’s video browsing experience, the content delivered is always distinct. TikTok’s built-in algorithm strives to deliver video content in the fairest and most engaging manner. Hence, the videos users receive have undergone careful composition and arrangement.

  1. When Does ‘For You’ Come into Play?

For users, most believe that the personalized recommendation feature begins after genuine interactions occur. However, when sellers complete the registration of their accounts, the system predicts preferences based on the information provided by sellers. Genuine interactions, as perceived by users, only play a dominant role during the account operation process. While nurturing an account, sellers may wonder if the system will recommend videos unrelated to their geographical location. Sellers need not worry about this issue as long as they do not conduct specific searches. During the operation, the system primarily promotes popular video content, so sellers do not need to be concerned about regional disparities in recommended content.

Ⅳ. How Does Kenbrowser Assist Sellers in Account Nurturing?

For sellers, nurturing multiple accounts simultaneously can help products attract traffic in various domains. However, both TikTok and other social media platforms do not permit a single user to own multiple accounts. In such cases, sellers can utilize Kenbrowser in conjunction with IP addresses from different regions to operate multiple accounts. Nurturing multiple accounts simultaneously aims not only to help the system label the accounts correctly but also to improve the alignment between the labeled content and the domains and products associated with the seller. This ensures that the followers acquired in the later stages are more niche-specific and precise. Although the TikTok account nurturing process is time-consuming, the returns it yields for sellers can be unexpectedly lucrative.

During the period of nurturing multiple accounts, sellers need not worry about inter-account associations. Kenbrowser places a premium on the stability and security of IP addresses and computer environments. Even if a seller’s local computer is engaged in TikTok account nurturing, there is no need to be concerned about associations with newly registered TikTok accounts in the browser. This not only provides peace of mind for sellers but also instills confidence in the TikTok account nurturing process.

Kenbrowser also offers team operation capabilities for sellers, enabling them to address issues related to repetitive tasks and neglected operations when managing multiple accounts. A well-organized approach can lead to higher profits for sellers while facilitating growth in multiple domains.

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