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The Advantages of Tik Tok Shops and the Auxiliary Role of Kenbrowser

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October - 09 - 2023

As society continues its relentless progression and development, social media has become an indispensable tool in the lives of all. This has given rise to a new trend where sellers utilize social media platforms as auxiliary channels for generating traffic. Tik Tok shops, as a novel e-commerce platform, have surged to the forefront of the e-commerce landscape like a cohort of dark horses. Despite the distinctive operational methodology of Tik Tok shops compared to traditional e-commerce platforms, the burgeoning growth of short-form videos portends a maturation in the modus operandi of social commerce. Moreover, as Tik Tok shops gradually extend their reach to more nations and lower their entry barriers, it is not difficult to discern that Tik Tok shall emerge as a colossal opportunity for development.

Ⅰ. What Is a Tik Tok Shop

The official explanation designates Tik Tok shops as a commercial transaction ecosystem established by the Tik Tok official website to bridge the gap between upstream and downstream processes. By seamlessly merging short-video traffic and the conventional e-commerce sales model, coupled with the recommendations generated by the platform’s algorithms, Tik Tok shops adeptly convey sellers’ product details to users through formats such as short videos and live streaming, thereby ensuring the continuous expansion of Tik Tok shops. On Tik Tok, sellers can undertake store creation, product listing, selling, and transactions, thereby realizing a comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem that maximally stimulates consumption.

Ⅱ. Why Choose to Establish a Presence on Tik Tok

1.Tik Tok boasts a colossal pool of user traffic.

Tik Tok has reached more than 150 countries, amassing 3 billion monthly active users who spend an average of 19.6 hours per month on the platform. These users are all potential consumers, making traffic a valuable commodity for sellers. Possessing more traffic equates to more sales opportunities, aligning perfectly with the demands of e-commerce. Through high-quality video content, sellers can effortlessly garner millions of views, surpassing the reach and expediency of traditional advertising campaigns.

2.Tik Tok possesses a substantial demographic of high-value consumers.

Over 50% of Tik Tok users worldwide are aged below 34, with around 36% falling within the 18 to 24 age bracket, often referred to as the “golden consumer demographic.” These youthful users may not necessarily have a clear purchasing intent on Tik Tok, but through the content provided by sellers, such as videos and live streams, their purchasing desires and impulses can be stimulated and cultivated.

3.The future prospects of Tik Tok are undeniably promising.

Tik Tok not only enjoys an advantage in terms of user traffic but also holds immense potential in diversified content. With an influx of more creators, the platform will become increasingly diverse, offering e-commerce a plethora of possibilities. The emergence of trending products also brings forth immeasurable traffic and profits.

III. The Advantages of Tik Tok Shops

1.Tik Tok serves as a traffic channel with 500 million daily active users and continues to grow, harboring colossal potential for traffic conversion.

2.Through short videos and live streams, users’ purchase interests can be swiftly ignited, shortening the consumer conversion cycle.

3.The entry threshold is low, and for businesses already operating on e-commerce platforms, the initial cost is virtually non-existent.

4.Tik Tok provides customer service policies with lenient response timerequirements for sellers, alleviating initial pressures.

Ⅳ. The Auxiliary Role of Kenbrowser

Kenbrowser furnishes sellers with cloud platform IPs from various regions, enabling them to operate shops within a virtual browsing environment. Kenbrowser, through technical means, alters browser fingerprint information to safeguard user privacy while employing SSL encryption and symmetric encryption methods to ensure the security of operational data.

Kenbrowser can assist sellers in managing multiple shops, filtering suitable user demographics through various short video methods, thereby achieving multifaceted profitability.


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